Beating A Dead Horse…With A Baseball Bat.

Some of you may have read my second ever blog post a few weeks back writing in response to the Co-design article that had been circulating recently. In my blog post I had pointed out both the positives and negatives of this design tool.

However it all changed yesterday.

Receiving feedback on the so-far completed sections of the current co design project was SO drawn out and over complicated – and told me about aspects of my personality I already was more than aware of (However I now realise I must make an effort to work on these).

The profound statement that really struck me was during a talk from the lecturer about the sorts of team dynamics inside the group.
We were asked if any natural leader had emerged into the group – and you will tend to find that 99% of the time, it does. Whether this leader is an effective leader or not is a completely different kettle of fish.

The part that got me was that a group evolving to have a natural leader was made out to be a terrible happening.

Wait. Excuse me? What?

I’m sorry – but I really call bullshit on this remark.
Its like putting a race team on a track – knowing that one racer is faster than the others and saying “No, you just stay behind with the rest of the team – you’ll have a lovely time”. If you look at any aspect of nature there are always naturally selected leaders – not because of badness – or because it’s an elitist society. It is simply because this naturally emerging leader has the required skill set to be the best in that group; and therefore providing the best possible results. Leaders are not taught, shaped, or made – they are born. Seminars, Powerpoint presentations will make you more efficient at becoming a leader – but the people with these natural capabilities, the ability to plan, work with people – should not be kept from their rightful role.

The same can be said for most of the co-design process. Each person has their own set of individual, natural gifts that they can bring to a table. Assigning someone to a task that they are not completely cut out for is a crazy way of dealing with things – only to give the project an inclusive feel.

So I am sorry Co-design; I am calling shenanigans on your remarks – you are a good idea – but you need to get over all the new age bullshit before you can truly become useful.


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