Mobile Technology: What people really want.

The tech market, as a whole, has slowed from the immense growth spurt of the “Noughties” (I hate that term). In this time we’ve seen the rise of dual core processors, bigger and faster flash memory, the apple empire, HD optics, so called “Real-D” – You name it.

There are still advances being made, but the tech race is slowing. So where is it still running at light speed?
The mobile market.

The market for smartphones has turned into a proverbial battleground of different operating systems, hardware and brand names. Touch technology has been taken from a slow, clunky, useless interface that I only saw in museums to a swish, highly efficient godsend of useability. Brilliant. Overnight it changed the phone market.

Of course there are now lawsuits over who came up with the tech first – who had patents to implement it in which way. But I am not a law student – and this is not a law blog.

Has the race slowed down? Is the end in sight? I don’t think so – Mobile phones are pretty much a solid design. They are mobile – and they phone people.However functionality beyond that and HOW this functionality is achieved? That’s a whole different ballgame.

Last week, Intel, who up until now had not been taking part in the smart phone or tablet rat-race, announced that the chip behind

Intel Inside - Commonplace on many laptops.

the processor used in the “Atom” notebooks (The smallest they produce) would be made smaller and less power consuming (power consumption is paramount in designing mobile tech – don’t you hate when your iPod runs out 5 mins after you leave?!). This chip will apparently be able to run the Android OS architecture. So one of the old world heavyweights will be returning to the fold…or at least trying.

But the true king of the old world – Microsoft has already made its move into the mobile market with its oh so originally named “Windows OS”. I have used the OS and it is very easy and pleasant to use – but it is too late into the fold with the current generation of OS to make a splash.

But what about the next generation? Microsoft promises to provide a fully working version of its PC based windows OS for phones. But, do I want that? Not really.

Steve Ballmer - Hopes Windows OS will spellbound us...Sorry Steve, not likely

I do not want my phone to become a miniature hand-held PC. Not ever. I have a PC for that – Or I am never far from one.

What do I want? Fast, easy connectivity with people – it’s what phones are for – what they always have been for. I sure as hell don’t want to be typing essays or taking notes on a 3 inch screen.

But a dual purpose machine? That would be cool.

And it seems like the people at Motorola are thinking along the same lines as me.

They have recently developed such a phone – like a sort of Clark Kent of mobile technologies – in your hand its a phone – however, dock it in the back of Motorola’s specially designed laptop-like docking station (a full-size keyboard with full size screen) and your phone will now essentially become a laptop – seamlessly keeping all your work open while you transfer (because I cant wait to boot a machine).

Motorola have dubbed it the Motorola “Atrix”. It’s a cool idea Motorola – But its so “Noughties”

The Motorola 'Atrix' - Like "The Matrix", but missing an "M"

What I want is to place my phone near my TV and have it display, then have it project a keyboard onto a flat surface. With near field technology, I would expect my phone to be able to transmit the signal to my TV and recharge wirelessly. These two technologies exist – so why havent you implemented them Motorola – You cheeky chap?

Two sides of the coin could be: Buying Motorola’s Phone +”Laptop” would generate considerably more revenue than just supplying a phone with near field tech. OR they simply have not thought that people might want this. OR I am a weirdo and no one else on the planet would buy a device like this.

Whats my point?

People seem to be concentrating on the new OS, or the new chip that is about to make a debut to the marketplace – But I think the trick the phone companies are missing, is the way we interact with the phone, how it makes itself convenient, not what it can do – As anyone could see with the undeniable leaps since multi-touch (capacitive) displays.

Phone developers – Wake up – Or employ me!


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