Motorcycles: Living life…In the green?

Its been a busy couple of weeks here. With the completion of the Heartbeatz prototype over at Acoustic Artifacts, coupled with the hellish engineering exam I have to sit – I’ve had little time to do anything other than be in the studio and in the library with my face in (or sleeping on) books. However I’m happy to announce that this week following a request from us for a press release, Yanko Design have seen fit to feature our Heartbeatz prototype on their page. Thus far the reactions from the public have not been 100% positive – but hey! Any press is good press!

Anyway now that I have more time for myself im looking forward to the warm summer and to get biking again!
However I’ve come up with a new product idea at the same time. Motorcycles are often seen as completely un-ecologically friendly – Which is not entirely untrue. The large percentage of the biking populus use it completely for pleasure and therefore driving with the environmental effects in mind is a very rare thing. Quite right.

However perhaps if there was  a simple indicator of how the rider is having an impact on the environment then perhaps the rider may take it into account while driving.

Modern motorcycle’s (from around as early as the 90’s) have throttle sensors for purposes of monitoring engine timing etc. However if this was tapped it is conceivable that the throttle positions can be mapped against time. This could quite easily give a quick indication of how much fuel the rider is using due to their throttle activity. I have already approached the biker community at large and already had some positive feedback. So it looks like I could be cracking out the mulitmeters and Pic-axe chip again sooner than I thought

Stay tuned!


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