New Term, New Projects!

Hello! I’m back.
Possibly the worst, most boring summer EVER but hey, It’s over, and I’m back – Rejoice.

Moving quickly on – First day back in true university style was very confusing after a flurry of cross-talk and emails, the students and I met in the studio’s at 10am…After waiting around and finding we really should have been in an engineering lecture instead, we went home….No great loss there!

Second day was a little more exciting; new tutor, new brief, new studio’s.
The brief is a short one; design and build something close to the examples given (A lamp warmer, A dog bed, A fruit bowl or a child’s seat). All of which had been made from waste or common household materials.
The brief sets out to focus more on the fine attention to detail rather than anything else – and is a short brief, about as short as Richard Hammond…Which in time terms, is about a week.

Paired up with fellow designer Adam Chesterman (you should be able to find him on twitter) we set off and decided which idea we wanted to go with. Straight off we though a child’s chair gave a good scope for changing the design (I’m a creative – shoot me). From there we came up with a few idea’s that centered around renewables; using old tyres, bottles, cardboard or bags. We decided in the end that the bike tyre’s would be the easiest and give the best comfort and support.

So with a rough sketch we set off for raw materials; Two motorcycle tyres from a local motorcycle shop – These usually have to be disposed of at £2 a pop, so if you need them, they are all too happy to give them away! Next for the covering, in sticking with the renewable theme we took an old set of leathers of mine.

Back at the studio’s we managed to mock up the two tyres, peachy, stacked these made a great base. Next we needed to cut wooden templates for both the base and back support – which took around an hour in the workshop – And I still had all my fingers when I left – Bonus.

Next was the monotonous process of unpicking all the stitching between the leather panels on the clothes to get the tidy raw material we needed, also the padding from the jacket would form the padding for the chair. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but trust me it took a while, I feel for the people who stitched it!

That done, we were able to cut padding to size, stretch the leather over the base and staple in place. Bang and the work is done.
That is as far as we are as of yet, watch out tommorow (14/09/2011) for twitter picture updates!


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