The finished product

Well it was a hard graft for the last few days before the hand in of the project but finally; I give you THE CHAIR

Overall, I’m really happy with how the project turned out. My only grudge with the project (also reflected by the Tutor and anyone who has say on the chair) is the back support. The back support was made from a larger diameter tyre cut to size to tie the whole object together – But it was hard to secure without proper access to the workshop facilities.

Which kinda brings me onto a point I never wanted to say BUT

Seriously; the university must get its priorities sorted

The studio’s this year are just simply not fit for purpose, 3rd years studio split into two rooms, one of which is tiny and cramped – And the other is badly partitioned with the 1st/2nd year studio – Even then – they still have access. Really?
The workshop is closed for inductions right in the middle of a week long project – If it wasnt for the workshop tech’s themselves being cool guys, that would have threw a big flaming, piss covered spanner in the works.

And as for the resources elsewhere – All the component drawers are empty and the tools are missing or worn out.

I feel like I’m being an ass for complaining, however, we’re all thinking it – where does my materials fee go?!


So, updates later with my new brief and thoughts. Once I’ve went to my happy place…


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