Inspired Design At It’s Simplest – RiderScan

I wanted to share this because it is a subject very close to my heart (or where my heart should be).
This is of course motorcycles – I’ve been into motorcycles since a very young age – And although mine is tucked up in a garage 60 miles away I’m still very much in touch with the online biking community. Recently a member of a forum I’m a member of announced that he had been on TV with his invention – The Riderscan

Essentially the Riderscan allows the rider of a motorcycle to have an almost 180 degree view around him – And a complete one at that – No blind spots without having to physically look behind him to check (these are reffered to as “Life savers” for very good reason).

So what amazing technology made this possible?
A pot.

No seriously. The creator had his “Eureka!” moment while washing pots in his kitchen, took said pot outside and placed it on his motorcycle – And bang, potentially millions of lives saved.

So there you have it – A life saving design that has never been thought of before with technology older than the  sun itself. Beautiful – Stephen Hunter – I salute you.

This Post would not be complete without a little peek at my baby – Like a proud father.

Before Hibernation


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