Week 16 – Design & The Meerkats

Not Design & The Meerkat - Design & The MARKET

I’m not entirely sure how I’m meant to blog about this – So lets go with what we know. Last week marked the start of a new module this semester called “Design and the market” headed up by the brilliant Mike Press- and it really does not take a genius to figure out what its all about. But just incase; I better fill in the blanks.

Now; design and the market branches from subject area called “Design studies” – which up till now has been very much a love hate relationship – it is often a frustrating excersize for designers; because it encompasses all the stages of creating a product…up to the physical making of the product. Kind of like putting together the ingredients for a delicious cake, mixing it and not baking it…Or even eating the cake mix…Or licking the spoons.

However this module seems to have taken this cannon, and turned it upside down on its head, and dropkicked it from the nearest window. Times are changing. That is the message I took from the lecture – Jobs are harder to come by, or even impossible; the job you want may not even exist. So make your own – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That’s right – self employed is the new…er…employed. In the current changing climate just as jobs are changing, as it seems, the job-seekers need to change too. Think of this are entrepreneurial skills 101. So what am I doing? Well – What better way to learn than to look at recent success stories – So we’re doing just that. Split into groups of 4-6 people we were each to choose a person from within our discipline who made themselves a buisness – and a successful one. This way we can construct the do’s and dont’s of the current market…Or at least I think that is where this is leading. Tune in next week to see what we dug up…


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