Week 18 – Design And The Market: Redpath

This morning as a part of the design and the market module we were given a guest lecture by Iain Lauder, who is the Creative Director at Redpath – further described at the director of all things creative – no small task.

For me – Iain gave us the first reality check – as he is not also employed within academia as the rest of our lectures have been, his view was slightly different from what we were used too. He gave us a list of 10 important points to work on to prepare us for the big, bad, wide world.

1. Get faster
2. Be curious
3.Dont apologise
4.Be flexible
5. Be a sponge
6. If you dont know, dont pretend
7. Read the breif again and again
8. Always have ideas
9. Be organised
10. Dont give up.
– Iain Lauder

Although all the 10 points are equally important, personally, I think I knew as soon as he said it that number 1 and number 10 especially applied to me – and if anything were linked like some sort of terrible jumping rope of doom.

With the rise of technology, co-design and “everyone can be a designer” culture –  paying clients expect professionals to do a lot more, in a lot less time. I think like any other student I am guilty of sometimes doing anything else when I head home other than work – Which admittedly has to change for my upcoming honors year. As for number 10; well I cant say I’m too guilty of giving up yet, but sometimes making design compromises in order to come in on time without stressing out too much – You can kind of see how these two link – And while you can get away with it (sort of) in university – the same cannot be said about industry.

So here I am, writing this from a cutting board in my almost deserted studio. Never mind – the early bird gets the worm.


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