D&AD Product Design Brief

New semester; new briefs!

The first couple of weeks of the new semester have been crazier than a bag of snakes; So unfortunetly my blog has fallen slightly behind, but have no fear, I am back to entertain your brain with more delicious design knowledge.

The difference with this brief is that it is not simply one brief, but a selection of briefs were made available from the D&AD  website for us to work on. This gives us scope to prepare for the 4th year when we will write and answer our own brief – So the freedom to roam has been a welcome one.

I would say that straight away the Kronospan brief  jumped out at me; mainly through being such a fan of the aesthetics and durability of wood, but also to have my own shot at improving education in this country, and indeed, throughout the world in such a humble but large way.

To cut out any jargon or to simply make it easier for you I can cut the brief down to a snippet;
Design a desk that somehow enriches a students experience or tackles common classroom problems

Now the brief first of all specified that the desk was to be suitable for 7-17 year olds; which is a massive stretch of age ranges, considering this would have to span the gap from primary school all the way up to secondary education, no small feat by any means.
This brings about massive amount of both social and ergonomical  changes that would need to be considered throughout the design of the desk.

The research.

After my last project consisted of too much online participation and not a lot of out of the box thinking; I decided to tackle this research head on. The way I looked at it was first to see what type of worksurfaces were already in place at a stretch of primary and secondary schools; interview a couple of teachers and students about what they loved and hated about the current way of doing things. Simples right?


Besides the one school we couldnt even physically gain access to speak anyone in, when we did manage to talk to someone the miles of red tape before we could set foot in or look at a classroom with no one in it was unbelieveable – and speaking to any of the students would probably require a letter from the education secretary himself.

So that was out. Back  to the drawing board.


By this point I’m pretty stumped –
But at least we had a fun day out


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