The Best Laid Business Plans Of Mice & Men

This week is really not letting up;
Following Fridays pretty successful presentation – We were able to meet with out assigned Design & The Market tutor; Christine Kingsley.
To be honest before going I wasnt at all sure what direction I was headed in; like a chicken without its head running round in circles before falling over – But less comical and more stressed. However I’ve came away from a 2 hour session with an absolute focus on what direction I’m moving in; not only in this module but in Product Design.

It’s funny how it takes someone to sit down with you to make you realise what values you have. In this case we had been given a worksheet to fill out previously with our values, and to sort them into 5 categories “Always important” ,”Sometimes important” , “Rarely important” and “Never important”.

This in turn would help us write our mission statements – The blurb of what our future prospective businesses would try to accomplish. Although this isnt the finished article – those of you who know me will probably realise this reflects my personality more than a business stratagey – So it needs work to be viable.

To produce products that can inspire harmony, humour and well being through strong and honest aesthetic values

My views and value’s had sparked quite an amount of debate within the group at this point; for those of you who do not know me personally I shall try to outline a few of my key ideals that I hold dear.

  1. Happiness counts above all else, above worldly possessions, money, flash cars – you name it.
  2. Everything should have a sense of humour.
  3. Things that are designed to be functional are BS. Everything should be beautiful  in its own right.

The whole “money” thing particularly sparked debate; I personally beleive that if I can enrich someones existance through making them happier, thats something that you cannot buy – And for me, its important that is reflected in my products.

Moving on from this Christine then asked us to write down our dreams on a napkin; Yes I do have dreams of having a lot of dogs, motorcycles and a good looking wife (who doesnt) – But still being in my proffessional mindset; I wrote this –

For those of you who cant decypher my handwriting it says “Design & Redesign boring objects to make them beautiful & exciting” .

I think that links in with my mission statement quite nicely – I’ve noticed “beauty” is a thing that I’ve started reffering to in my work more and more recently; I think I’m going soft in my old age.

As a bit of constructive fun the group were then asked to draw an aspect of me on a napkin; To be honest, I was thrilled to see what the group would draw.

The things I can pick out from this drawing is me; wearing a top hat, with a moustache? Wearing a tie – labelled as Charlie Chapman – Which I think reffers to my slapstick humour but my ability to make it a strong, proffessional asset. Silliness was also there, as was “Chilled/hippy” which reffers to my rather hippy like “happiness” ideals.

Also my personal favourite quote (Thanks David): “With great responsibility comes great mustache”

Finally; We touched on our journey in product design as a whole – and visualised it as a fork in the road, one fork we had went down already, with dangers such as boulders, rain and lightening – Thankfully we’d come back and were now heading in another more successful direction. I dont know why but I wrote “- Caution – Boulders” on my napkin; and it has kind of stuck with me as a way of saying “Hey! Bad stuff is gonna happen, but watch out, be prepared”. I’m thinking I might have a sign made for above my desk.

Finally; one of the group members had said she was lacking direction, so Christine asked us to draw things to give her inspiration. I drew a Moose on a unicycle….I’m not sure why.


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