My summer 2012

While not being the most productive summer possible – the gap in-between my 3rd and 4th years in university yielded a bit more of an experience that helped me grow as a designer than any one did previously.

This summer, as well as quietly thinking about my upcoming final product and dissertation, I worked a stint at Advanced Engineering Services based in my hometown of Falkirk.

My job here consisted of stripping, servicing and helping to rebuild steam blower valves from the nearby Longannet power station (pictured below)

Work space including a few valves in various stages

Although the job itself was pretty simplistic and more or less consisted of hands on work – the people in the workshop were a massive source of knowledge about the design and manufacture of many of the components from the power station and other heavy industry area’s.

A ‘filter’ used in the steam turbine generators.

In my time at the engineering firm I was able to observe the machining of many extremely tightly toleranced components which now after seeing how these components were engineered would enable me to keep in mind the manufacturing processes and constraints involved in the future when I am designing products to be produced for market.

Explained to me like a “carburetor” for steam turbines. This one was supplied to be reverse engineered.

I enjoyed my time as AES and I really do feel that having hands on in the manufacturing/engineering industry has been massively beneficial to me as a designer and as a person.


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