Cultural Probe’s update

After a good trial of the beta probes I’ve had a good few chats with people who have trialled them (both designer and no). And so far the feedback seems to have been excellent.

First off the feeling of using the probes has really hit home;

Many of the people when handing these back to me and giving feedback told me that filling in the probe had gave them a whole new awareness to their habits of social networking – and even led one or two to change their habits because they “felt bad” about how much time they were spending online. This is exactly what I wanted from the probe so as not to be just an information gathering excersize but a real experience.

Secondly it occurred to me that the visual language of the probe may be slightly lost on some people as clock in cards are seldom seen these days, especially by the younger generation. Therefore I am going to adjust my strategy slightly by printing a QR code on the back of the probes that will allow people to experience the story of clock in cards and their importance so that they can get the full experience that the probe was designed to give.

Furthermore I had a small focus group with 4 other people on how they felt about the probes so that they could chat amongst themselves and perhaps bounce idea’s that would otherwise not have come up in a one-on-one interview. This proved quite fruitful as the issue of carrying the probe to suit peoples mobile life’s was raised. To combat this I will be researching into making an amount of smaller probes that would be closer to everyday objects (attached to back of phone, credit card sized etc.) – On the other hand I still wish to make the user feel responsible for the probe – to adopt it.

There have been problems with material in the past week of trying to produce the final probes – It’s important that the probe’s feel sturdy enough to convey their importance but the material is proving hard to process to create the laser cut “punch card” effect.

Laser cut “punch” effect.

In order to add to the experience as well as convenience I also 3d modelled and laser cut a “Drop box” for the cultural probes. The effect of which is a double edged sword – Firstly to raise awareness of the project as the box will be placed in a corridor and also to place more emphasis on the task being completed by placing the completed card in the box.

Box under construction


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