Phase 1: Pretty Prototypes

Continuing on with the balancing act of technology and aesthetic design; the physical prototyping has well and truly begun.

After sketching, rubbing out, resketching, showing people – throwing away, crying, and re-sketching it was finally time to create my very first physical prototype model. Once I had a rendering sketch that I was happy with, I began plotting on the computer (Autodesks Inventor) exactly what I wanted. The prototype would serve a couple of purposes

1. To provide a tangible experience
2. To demonstrate the light diffusing effect

For the purposes of this prototype, it would be constructed from card and built up in several layers to form a 3d model. The use of the lasercutter means that highly resolved prototypes can become a reality within hours from conception – It really is an amazing tool to have.

WP_000883Once all the layers had been cut and assembled with the added plastic light diffuser -the finished model looked like this:

WP_000885Admittedly it was nice to see the thing finally start to come to life, It’s often hard to tell how a concept will translate from paper to reality. Now the object could be properly critiqued. This actually involved the new and innovative method of design changes coming to me as I was drifting off to sleep. It’s a method I suggest no one adopt.

So how did I annotate these design changes? A designers best friend of course; Post it’s!

WP_000887During the same 3am session I also managed to fill 3 pages of my sketchbook with coding and app idea’s related to the project – And there would be nothing worse than forgetting I had written them down in my sleepy haze


Today is officially another aesthetic day, so now there will be a new set of sketches produced followed by a second computer generated model and physical model.


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