Prototyping Mark II

There has been a mighty amount of digital prototyping over the last week so I decided it was time to give the physical prototype some attention.

Having the new prototype (Mark1) in front of me it’s easy to pick out yet more issues with it; even though a few of the older ones had been addressed.

Mainly the whole thing had become far too big and cumbersome – this is designed to live on people’s desks and as such cannot be too intrusive. But mainly – where I had gone for an old school computer polygon aesthetic, I had ended up something that just looked a bit “reject art deco”… And I hate art deco.

So back to the drawing board – literally. Although there were parts of the design that were a success, parts of it I felt I’d over designed, and remember – the best design is as little design as possible. I decided to simplify the shape and indeed the display itself by removing all the clutter and letting the design speak for itself.

After lots of doodling and scrunched up paper I finally arrived at this:

WP_001015Yes – those are genuine calculations on that paper.

The shape is designed to be simplistic and modern with its sloping curves but still retain a humanistic element – you can almost outline your hand on the display this way.

As with all things its better to experience the prototype in person so I mocked up another physical prototype

WP_000998Although I felt this was a step in the right direction – It still felt like an art deco style intercom. What is with you art deco? Why wont you leave me alone?

For this reason I simplified the design even further by reducing the amount of unique geometric shapes I was using.
After more doodling and sketching I came up with this render (excuse the photoshop trickery).
CombinationOnce again I laser cut the display for physical prototyping but with one difference this time…

WP_001007This one was going to fully demonstrate the visual display methods… And it took a whole lot of LED’s and a whole lot of soldering…

After a few minutes slaving over a hot soldering iron…

WP_001010 WP_001011 WP_001012 WP_001013 WP_001014


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