I <3 Opensource

I ran into a bit of a wall yesterday with the honours project with the resources I need being over-used by other departments all day (can you tell I’m bitter). So I moved onto something still useful but a little bit different. A flash project if you will.

I’m a community spirited guy – and as such I’ve not been able to find patterns for an opensource case for the raspberrypi. So to make a constructive use of my time I’ve set about creating one.

This has been a quick and dirty project as the time and resources I had at my disposal were very constricted.

So the first thing I done was take measurements from the Pi. When I had the base PCB sizes I began 3d modelling a box – my hope is that the Pi will be a pressure fit into the case and therefore will require no screws or other additional components.

Once I had made the box including the folds for the sides, I measured and marked out all the holes for the connections. Once this was done I converted the drawing to a flat pattern to be cut in cardboard for Mark 1. Luckily I could find a 5 minute slot on the laser cutter. This was the result:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I was reasonably surprised by the result – the Pi sits in comfortably and there were only minor adjustments to be made for the cut outs.

I corrected these measurements on the 3d model which is now ready for another iteration in cardboard before the final version will be cut in 2mm plastic and heat bent into shape. Once I’ve verified the design I will release the drawings into the public in the opensource spirit!

In the meantime here is a render of what the finished product should look like



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