People and Design: Adopting “Social?”

So I had one of those nights – The nights where you cant switch off and you have an epiphany right before you fall asleep repetitively till 5am – you know the type…. If you don’t – I envy you.

It occurred to me that yes the aesthetic is a hugely important part of the design and it does influence HOW people react to the object – but mainly the project is about the data that it conveys and how it makes people feel.

Given this interaction I thought it would be really cool to be able to demonstrate the products effects on how it makes the user feel. Therefore I came up with the ingenious plan of creating a beta prototype that will allow the product to be tested on a basic level with a user – who can then feed back to me how it made them feel or even changed their behaviour.

Therefore I created from the plans of the opensource Picase a module that would allow the information to be displayed in a very simple way. This means that the design can be made and released to my willing voulenteer in a neat little package (hopefully).

So without further adieu I give you; the Social? Beta probe

The holes on top of the probe will be used as indicator LED’s; I’m hoping to have the prototype fully functional and ready to be adopted by the end of the weekend.


2 responses to “People and Design: Adopting “Social?”

  1. Very true.

    “Only dullards crippled into cretinism by a fear of being thought pretentious could be so dumb as to believe that there is a distinction between design and use, between form and function, between style and substance. If the unprecedented and phenomenal success of Steve Jobs at Apple proves anything it is that those commentators and tech-bloggers and “experts” who sneered at him for producing sleek, shiny, well-designed products or who denigrated the man because he was not an inventor or originator of technology himself missed the point in such a fantastically stupid way that any employer would surely question the purpose of having such people on their payroll, writing for their magazines or indeed making any decisions on which lives, destinies or fortunes depended.”

    • I think really that design encompasses form, function and feel.
      It takes an amazing amount of consideration to all 3 that will give you a well DESIGNED product. Without any one of the elements – the product will be left feeling lacking, or empty.

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