Up For Adoption: Social? Prototype

Following the blistering success of the beta coding day; the cultural beta was finally ready to do what it was designed to do – be a cultural beta.

First of all I ran a trial of it on myself on a regular day in the studio; Although I was going to  be a bit biased towards the experience I was still surprised by the results.

WP_001146Although I was fully aware of what the device done; because it was a new device introduced into a pretty standard environment I was pretty interested in what it was up to at all times. I found myself almost avoiding Facebook because I didnt want the “You’ve overdone it” message of dread. What I can say is that it changed my experience for certain.

Once I had got a feel for the device and made sure it wasn’t going to break on its first day on the job; I had to give my baby away.

It’s new keeper would be fellow designer and Facebook user Mike Skillings (@mike_skillings). As you can see he was pretty pleased to be given the opportunity WP_001149



Hard at work – Social has its work cut out here

However after the initial setup it was back to work for Mike – I can now start observing the true effect of the device; I’ll also be conducting a short interview of all the users after the projects conclusion.



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