Fascia Detailing

During my verification of the fascia design when I was testing the effect of the light transmission I noticed something.

WP_001278 (2)

Although the guys in the machining shop had done a great job on the channels and the chamfers on the product, these surfaces were especially important for viewing the object at different angles.

Thankfully, due to my motorycling days I was farmiliar with the process of polishing aluminium to a mirror finish. The process involves rubbing down the surfaces with increasing grit wet & dry, then following with a rubbing compound, and finally with autosol to give it a perfect shine.


WP_001284 (2)


WP_001291 (2)

I also polished the outer chamfer and rim of the object because I felt it gave a better transition from the high gloss to the surfaced finish of the aluminium.


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