A Few Finishing Touches

It’s unfortunate that the one great image had to be in so early and I couldn’t quite finish the model to the level I had wanted to in time.

Although the main part of the design was done the indicators were still pretty plain so I made some new ones combining two of the materials that were already used in the design not to confuse the palette too much. The use of the clear acrylic with the white allowed the light to transmit better through the material and drew more attention to them.

You can see here I was experimenting with different levels of proudness between the two materials because I felt it needed an accent; In the end I decided to make the clear material about 2mm proud. On top of this I decided in keeping with the aethetic of the rest of the model I would sandblast the cut outs too. However I decided to sandblast the sheets THEN cut them, so the edges were still clean, its a tiny little detail but its really nice.



Next I decided that the middle circle (the one that glows red when the time limit has been reached) could follow a similar form to that of the indicators, so I followed the same process and put the “Social?” name in the centre of the circle too.

When this glows red its cool that the colour really adds context to the word itself.









I’ll post up a video of the effect later, it’s really something!



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