About Me


Age: 23
Current Location: Dundee, Scotland
Originated From: Falkirk, Scotland

Well hello, my name is Allan. I’ve now finished my BSc in Innovative Product Design from the university of Dundee.
The first thing people notice about me when they meet me is my height; I’m 6ft5 so I feel sometimes I really do see things from a different perspective. I come from a place called Falkirk where I spent the first 19 years of my life. Before I was thrust into uni life here in Dundee I worked as a CAD engineer, a butcher and killed time building motorcycles in my garage.

To be honest I started off with the intention of being a draughtsman; but with the crash of the building trade at the end of my HND I decided to further my education into product design. However the skills I learned at college gave me a unique, advanced skill set which I used time and time again throughout my degree.

As it happened I could never really figure out what I was good at when I was younger and lucked into becoming a designer.

Really, I had 3 passions in life – I just didn’t know what they were. Now I do; People, Design and Technology. Separately, I love all of these things. And when we can combine these three things; some really interesting and great things can happen.

I used to think I’ve been studying design for 4 years – But I realised I’ve been studying it my whole life – since I pulled apart my first toys to see how they worked – why they were the way they were.

I have other interests too; I’m a keen runner, gym goer, and guitarist. I love coffee, and I love problem solving.

My favourite quote that can describe how I feel about design is something that I’ve paraphrased from Jonathan Ive – sort of made it my own;

“When something is well designed, it should feel almost un-designed, like “of course it’s that way –why would it be any other way”.

4 years in and I couldn’t imagine being, or doing anything else.


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